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I Have Gained An Angel

I have recently set up a website called I Have Gained An Angel. This website is an online grief and support forum for people of all ages who have suffered loss in their life.

I, myself, have suffered the great loss of my mother last March, and found that speaking on support forums and to friends online was easier personally for myself to express my emotions. I am only twenty-one years old and wasn't ready for the massive responsibilities which were thrown upon me, and these friends helped me endlessly to cope with my loss.

This is what sparked my interest in starting my own support group. I Have Gained An Angel is a safe place for teenagers to the elderly, with easy to navigate discussion boards and a chance to help others at the same time as helping yourself. After all, who else knows how to help us better than one who has suffered the same loss?

At the moment we are a small group and are promoting around to collect more members and heighten the support network that the site provides. Our current members have had a great deal of input with the running and content of the site, something that we aim to continue so that it can continue to provide the best support for those who join.

If you would like to know more information about the site, please contact me on ihgaa@live.co.uk, or even visit the site for yourself at www.ihavegainedanangel.com

One week to go

One week to go... How have I still got so much to do?

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So, after a stressful week I've realised something - my dad is a douche. Seriously, my mum died 7 months ago and he's already been with his new girlfriend for 2 months. The whole family hates it, so his reaction is to stay at her house a 45 minute drive away and leave me to fend for myself, my 19 year old brother, and as of 8am this morning, my younger cousin as well.

There is no money for food, no food, the dogs need a really good run but I haven't got time to because I work 10 hour days. Then I come home to find nothing has been done.

And my doctors want me to have a baby? Insane.

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Sometimes, UK tv rocks

Its only 4 weeks behind the US for the Mentalist to be shown on channel 5. Alibi wont show Castle for ages because they've only just started showing season 2...but still, new Mentalist = new Jisbon!!!!!

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Am writing this on my ipod...awesome!!!!

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When is too soon?

When is it too soon to be dating after the death of a spouse?

My mum passed away five months ago, and my dad is currently in the kitchen cooking dinner with his new girlfriend.

The longer this goes on, the more uncomfortable I am with it.

It's just a jump to the left...

Seriously, having the Time Warp stuck in your head at 6am is not good. In fact, it's incredibly and insanely annoying.

What makes it better is the promo pics for Castle that princessjoey630 has emailed me....squee! Anyone seen them? The red dress? I want it so badly. So, so, so badly. Not only is it my favourite colour, it also sparkles, and when it comes to sparkly things I'm a bit like a crow. I want them, and I want to hide them for myself.

Work has been busy this week, because after the bank holiday the managers decided to make somebody redundant for slagging off the company and not finding any work to do when it was quiet (don't worry, wasn't me!) So I got a lovely sit down to be reassured that my job was safe, and felt very reassured, and I now have a very large office all to myself.

In one week and one day I'm heading up to Wales for my holiday with dacia_andras and I'm sure I'll post a lot more then because she will bug me too. There will almost certainly be a new one shot for any fandom going up - she's good like that, inspires me to do crazy things. Those of you who have read my NCIS story Twenty Three Minutes Till Midnight (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4511029/1/Twenty_Three_Minutes_Till_Midnight) will know exactly how delightly insane this one of my sisters makes me.

Worst blood test EVER

Seriously, that was torture.

It took them 20 minutes to find some blood...in my arm...how hard can it be, I know I've got some! Then it took them so long to get the blood out because my arm was instinctively clamming up that I started to feel ill. Then, I did what all girls would do in this situation.

I panicked.

Panicking caused me to pass out. Passing out causes me to throw up when I wake up one minute and fourteen seconds later. Then, I'm still not feeling great...so I pass out again...and now my arm hasn't stopped bleeding.

So I've been sent home, told I'm not allowed to back to work (which pisses me off because I seriously love my job and they were all very concerned and put me on speaker phone when I rang to tell them I wouldn't be able to come in), and my arm is still bleeding. I have cotton wool taped to my arm, and a huge wrap around bandage covering most of my arm that has to stay on until tomorrow. This should be fun showering later.

So if I get a phonecall from the nurse later to say that I'm NOT anaemic and that there is actually some iron in my blood, I am going to be furious.


Writer's Block: Happy happy joy joy

What cheers you up the most when life gets you down?

Absolutely always dacia_andras 
Are there any sentimental objects that you've kept for many years? Are there any that you bring with you wherever you go?

At the moment, I'm wearing a silver locket with a picture of my mum everywhere. She gave it to me for my 20th birthday and I haven't gone a day without wearing it since. It might be silly, but it feels like a part of her is with me. As for sentimental items...that would be a long list, because I'm a hoarder. I've kept everything that dacia_andras has ever sent or bought me, I keep photographs, I keep things that are useless and meaningless. I just hold onto everything.